Tak Bhana supports Bible Month 2018

Tak Bhana supports Bible Month 2018

Bible reading is key to being a strong Christian as well as victorious living says Tak Bhana, Senior Pastor of Auckland’s Church Unlimited and Bible Society New Zealand’s Vice-President..

  • Kissing through a veil is not intimate enough

    Imagine a groom who is about to kiss his new bride wearing a face veil. Should he kiss through the veil? She is still the same person, but it will be a diminished experience.

  • Tattoos! Think before you ink

    What do David Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp have in common? Tattoos!

  • The Beatles were right

    In 1967 The Beatles were asked to write a song with a message that could be easily understood by the world. The song was to be broadcast as part of Our World, the first live, international satellite television production ever.

  • Being free of the love of money

    Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to choose – we hear much about such freedoms today. There’s another freedom that’s rarely spoken of – being free from the love of money.

  • AI, the rise of machines!

    Stephen Hawking has warned Artificial Intelligence (AI) 'could spell the end of the human race.' Microsoft genius Bill Gates said he could not understand why people are not concerned about AI.

  • Different scientific views

    Reverend Michael Cocks has been presenting varied views of the Spirit for many months and this is his latest titled - Different Ways Scientists Picture Spirit and the Physical The Void, Zero Point Field, and the Holographic Universe.

  • The Lord of the Harvest

    This is the story of the ministry tour of Rev Dr Stephen Mbogo, International Team Leader/CEO African Enterprise and Ben Campbell, Executive Director AE Australasia.

  • It started with the answering machine

    How could we explain our modern world to generations past? Back in the day some thought we could never fly. Colour television was beyond a dream.

  • The times they are a-changing!

    What comes to mind when we consider Britain? Writers and poets through the ages have depicted British ways with tea and scones and cucumber sandwiches.

  • Tom and Jerry! Terrorists?

    Tom and Jerry cartoons and video games are behind a rising tide of violence in the Middle East according to a top Egyptian intelligence agency.

  • Little by little

    Last week I saw a bill board for the latest action movie. It was headlined ‘Big meets Bigger’.