A new WEA Director for Missions and Evangelism appointed from New Zealand

A new WEA Director for Missions and Evangelism appointed from New Zealand

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) has appointed New Zealand’s Dr. Jay Matenga as the next Executive Director of the WEA’s Mission Commission (WEA MC). Jay was selected after a thorough search by the Mission Commission’s Global Leadership Council from a number of quality applicants..

  • Daniel Jang Presents at PSI Writers Conference

    The 2018 Press Service International (PSI) young and emerging writers conference was held in Christchurch, New Zealand on the 1st September. Young writers came from Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa and from around the world plus several senior writers and visitors, making it the largest conference to date.

  • The Process of Knowing God

    My ministry within our local church is to young adults and I provide a presentation on significant realities as a ...

  • Young writers ‘again’ covering Hillsong

    Press Service International young writers in conjunction with Christian Today are once again covering Hillsong in Sydney at the Qudos Bank Arena from 10-13 July.

  • ‘Fourth’ Kiwi young writer conference

    The New Zealand young writers program initiated in 2012 is taking a leap forward with its fourth conference to be held on Saturday 1 September in Christchurch.

  • Common sense of locomotive liveries

    1952 was a wonderful year for Queensland Railways when the very first mainline diesel electric locomotive came on stream, the gleaming blue and white 1100 class hood designed monster of the rail followed not long after by the streamline designed 1200 Class.

  • The new dress code for male clergy

    In a recent fascinating article from WAToday where Richard Woods won season tickets to the ISPS HANDA Perth International  -  for his lack of fashion sense on the links  -  a man whose wife Rachael (with fashion sense) shakes her head is dismay  -  as he heads to the golf course.

  • Midge Point Art Prize in 7 weeks

    After five wonderful years of the Basil Sellers Midge Point Art Prize the local arts community got together to continue this art prize scheduled for 11.00am Saturday 28 July at The Point Tavern over a morning tea.

  • Planning is required for Country Town Tours

    Well-Being Australia's Country Town Tour program which has run since the mid eighties has often had long leads up times as preparations need to be put in place such as youth programs, schools, service clubs, men's breakfasts and dinners and the like.

  • Well-Being Australia's and small regional centre

    Well-Being Australia has developed a number of community projects in the Carlisle Coast region of the mainland Whitsundays coast line (Midge Point, Laguna Quays, Bloomsbury) over the seven past years.

  • The Calling to Christian leadership

    In a News.com article from my 2014 archive, three young people at various stages of their theological education( and in ministry) are asked why as Millennials they have given their lives to serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • 2018 'Panellists' have 6 weeks remaining

    The Press Service International young writer program in conjunction with Christian Today has annual awards – these are determined by different sets of panellists.