Defending one of us

Defending one of us

What if I told you depending on your size right now, I will not consider you a part of my community? Oh, if you had any physical problems, you will not be allowed to be around me?.

  • How then should we think

    I know what may possibly come to mind hearing such a topic: a famous song by English song writer Ed Sheeran, whose single peaked to number one status on the charts in the UK in Late 2014; smooth and mellow lyrics complemented by the guitars introspective tones. Close enough.

  • Attrition to addition: How churches and missions are destroying their greatest assets, and how they can swing the tide

    It’s no secret that people are the strongest advantage of any venture or establishment.

  • Mystical union with Christ

    What is mystical union with Christ?

  • Now is the time to sing

    In a world full of fear, inundated with negative news, people are desperate for hope. Every day we hear about bad things happening. Now we are also facing the triple threats of the Coronavirus pandemic, economic recession and climate change.

  • I'm tired, if only, thank God?

    Just a few weeks into the new year and I’m tired.

  • NZ senior writers

    New Zealand senior writers have been part of the Kiwi young writer project with Christian Today for some years now.

  • It’s Black and White. Really it is.

    As I approach my 50th birthday later this year I’m reminded that some things in life just stick forever.

  • No parent is perfect

    When I was around 10 years old, I decided to write down all the things my parents did that annoyed me. My intention was that I would refer to this when I had children so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes.

  • How can we feel safe?

    Over January, the news and my Facebook feed have been full of stories related to the bushfires, but these stories have now slowed to a dribble as people’s interest has moved on to other things.

  • An Insidious Enemy

    It’s all around us. The young guy in his room on his device. The talk show host casually endorsing it on his show.

  • Serving from a wheelchair

    For most of my teenage years, I felt like I wasn't serving in my local church. I even thought that I couldn't serve in any of the ministry team. I didn't know what skills I had that could be used in a ministry team.