• The remedy recipe

    We need a remedy The dawn of 2022 carried with it a sense of monotony and frustration. Challenges embarked on in 2021 ...

  • Obedient Sacrifice

    There is a well-known story of Abraham in the Bible.  He had been a father of many nations.  One of the story's main ...

  • God says, “Hello”

    Have you ever wondered what it would actually be like for God to say “Hello” to you? Like actually in front of your face, just saying, “Hello.”

  • Through the storm

    Everybody on this earth faces challenges or difficulties at some point of their lives. No one is immune from trauma or suffering. But as Christians, how do we cope when things go wrong? And what does God teach us during those struggles?

  • The sun’ll come out tomorrow

    “The sun'll come out tomorrowBet your bottom dollar that tomorrowThere'll be sunJust thinkin' about tomorrowClears away ...

  • Single-Serving Friends

    A single-serving friend is like a McDonald’s soft serve. We treat those we deem as friends as an expendable ...

  • It’s still Christmas

    The best season of the yearCarols are playing a month beforehand. Shopping lists and travel plans are made weeks in ...

  • Too much apologetics?

    Have you, or someone you know, ever caught the apologetics bug?As a young Christian, I discovered apologetics. Like ...

  • There’s no growth without commitment

    A while ago I came across the quote “there’s no growth without commitment.” I’m not sure who the original author is, but the quote really stuck with me, so much so, I wrote it on a post-it note and stuck in my Bible.

  • To my fellow nurses,

    Thank you for all your commitment and hard work in nursing. For I know this is more than just a job, this is who we are. It is our passion and desire to love, care, and serve.

  • #hustle

    I don’t know about you, but the world just seems busy. I find when I ask people the question, “how are you doing?”, 90% of the time the answer is: “busy”.