5 days apart – Easter and Anzac

5 days apart – Easter and Anzac

As a nation, this year there are 5 days day apart  -  two very significant dates as public holidays. One is religious (Easter) and the other is national (Anzac Day). 

  • ANZAC has a strong local component

    ANZAC has a strong local component

    As long as I am able to recall even from a very early age, ANZAC Day involved three things  -  attending the ANZAC Day March, talking about the ideals of ANZAC within the family, learning about ANZAC at school.

  • For Emerald

    For Emerald

    We walked into the restaurant together.

  • Sun, sin, son

    Sun, sin, son

    Every time I think of the sun coming out, I think of the Bible verse Lamentations chapter 3 verse 23, “They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness”. The sun reminds me that God has new mercies for me every morning. The rays of the sun feel like the rays of mercy. I may not necessarily see it, but I feel it.

  • There is no separating God and morality

    There is no separating God and morality

    My most recent article on rethinking vaccinations and its connection to abortion generated quite a response from both sides of the fence. I expected that much as it is always a hot topic when discussed.

  • What does ‘we are one’ look like?

    What does ‘we are one’ look like?

    The recent Christchurch tragedy has brought out the best in New Zealanders. Kiwis have responded defiantly to this horror with a determination to see that this never happen again in our land.

  • The Good Old Days Are Today

    The Good Old Days Are Today

    A lot of people have the tendency to look back at the good old days with great affection; the weather seemed better in the good old days, life seemed simpler in the good old days, we sung better songs in the church in the good old days, whatever it was, the greater the distance between today and yesterday the better those days seemed to be.

  • Assumptions: When questions cease

    Assumptions: When questions cease

    I told my husband that I was going to shower and he snapped, “Then what do you want me to do?” I naturally ...

  • Mosque Killings not ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’

    Mosque Killings not ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’

    The evening of the Christchurch mosque attacks I checked in with Mum, knowing the day’s events would have triggered strong feelings for her. My brother—her son, John—was killed in 1997, in a mass shooting at Raurimu. I know this because the Christchurch shootings triggered grief spasms for me, and I’m sure for my sister Heather, too.

  • Breaking through the invisible

    Breaking through the invisible

    One chilly day in Paris, Erin had to deliver an all-day training session to the top executives at Peugeot Citroen. There was a lot at stake. Bo was a Chinese country expert assisting Erin. Bo’s input would be the most critical elements in making the day a success. Articulate, extroverted and very knowledgeable, Bo seemed perfect for the job.

  • A donor for a Dad – and other alternatives

    A donor for a Dad – and other alternatives

    One of NZ’s well-known singers and TV personalities recently announced with delight she is expecting a girl. (All good, you would think.)She has twin boys from a previous relationship, and another boy with her current partner. (Mmm, that sounds a bit complicated.)

  • Get more active

    Get more active

    Going for a run, playing active sports or being active in anyway has many health benefits. Exercising and being active makes us well and prevents illnesses.

  • Judge and Jury

    Judge and Jury

    We are taught from very young that it is wrong to have stereotypes of others and to be prejudiced against certain groups or types of people. In society today, we constantly hear about sexism, racism and inequality. But how many of us really understand what it means to judge others?

  • God, the Story Writer

    God, the Story Writer

    Guess what the most famous Bible story is which doesn't include Jesus? Well, it's David and Goliath (1 Samuel chapters 16-17)!

  • Open Love to All

    Open Love to All

    On the 15th of March 2019, fifty lives were taken by a terrorist in two mosques across Christchurch, New Zealand.