New mindset for 2019

New mindset for 2019

A famous speaker once quoted, “No matter what struggles, circumstances or experience you’ve had, it’s how you interpret it that will shape your world.” I believe there is truth to this statement. What we believe, we live out, and it would eventually shape our future.

  • A duty of care

    A duty of care

    Our fragmented world desperately cries out for mercy - while we feebly attempt to shelter our minds from acknowledging the brokenness, remaining ignorant to others suffering in conflict-stricken nations or those who are trapped in cycles of poverty.

  • A conversation with my old friends

    A conversation with my old friends

    Before moving to New Zealand last year, my days would consist of going to school, hanging out with friends outside of school, and other small things here and there. This group of friends I had were gathered over my middle school and beginning of high school days.

  • We all need a Logan

    We all need a Logan

    A few days ago, a grandfather like figure in my life passed away. I first met Logan four years ago when I began pastoring at my current church. One Sunday after our morning service, he invited me to his 90th birthday party.

  • Reflections on Christmas 

    Reflections on Christmas 

    Christmas can come and go so quickly, often we hear the same Christmas story at church as we do every year. The Christmas story is a very powerful and significant event in the life of Christians but it can become mundane too. 

  • The Konversations, Klashes and Kristianity

    The Konversations, Klashes and Kristianity

    So apparently, now it could be a rude thing to ask an Asian person, “Where are you from?”. Given that that person could have been born in the country the questioner is from, trying to figure out where exactly the Asian person’s family originally came from could be seen as an act of ‘proving’ that he or she is ‘not of us’.

  • Three things to ponder this New Year

    Three things to ponder this New Year

    I really tried to avoid writing a New Year’s Resolutions article this week. It just seemed so cliché, something that I could write full of classic one-liners, but void of any real meaning.

  • A positive mindset

    A positive mindset

    2018 was an enormous year. A lot happened in my life, my family and friends’ lives and around the world. Amazing and wonderful things happened as well as sad and upsetting things. And with all these things that have happened, I have really come to realise how important our mindset, and more specifically, a positive mindset is.

  • Love before religion

    Love before religion

    It’s interesting to see how views and approaches to morality have evolved through the ages. I was reading a thought-provoking article by National Geographic titled, “The World’s Newest Major Religion: No Religion”. In it, they highlighted the continual demise of religion in the 21st century.

  • God’s plan for financial success in the New Year

    God’s plan for financial success in the New Year

    Happy New Year everyone! Since this is a perfect time to discuss New Year’s Resolutions, I thought I would share a great resolution that was the basis of our last sermon for the year two weeks back!

  • “Going home in my mind”

    “Going home in my mind”

    All over the world businesses closed down, shop owners locked up and farmers hung up their hats for THE holiday season.

  • Ctrl-Alt-Del: Rebooting Life

    Ctrl-Alt-Del: Rebooting Life

    In 1981, David Bradley was part of a team building IBM's new personal computer. Back in the days, programmers had to manually restart the entire system whenever the computer encountered a coding glitch.

  • The Uncertainties of a New Year

    The Uncertainties of a New Year

    After four years of being a stay-at-home mum with my two boys, I’m once again heading back to university in 2019… or so I thought. Things don’t always go as planned. Life is full of unexpected roadblocks and detours.

  • Lost and Found

    Lost and Found

    Previously called Missing Pieces, Lost and Found is a New Zealand documentary series currently in its fourth season. Hosted by David Lomas, the series not only helps people find missing relatives but uncovers cultural identities and discovers lost family heritage. 

  • A truth teller  -  what! 

    A truth teller  -  what! 

    Maarametua Williams has been off the drug P for almost 4 years and is now helping others leave P behind.