Can I be bothered?

Can I be bothered?

When I was younger I can remember reading the book in the Bible known as James and thinking, ‘I’m going to try and ignore James for as long as possible.’ I’ve lived that thought. Well I’ve tried really hard to live that thought, but sometimes the things you try and ignore just keep getting in your way. James is often in my way.

  • 85,000 kids to get the Bible story of Jesus this Christmas

    85,000 kids to get the Bible story of Jesus this Christmas

    This Christmas Bible Society New Zealand, through the generosity of its supporters, is giving away 85,000 copies of The Well Good News of Christmas, a fun and colourful booklet for parents and grandparents to help them pass on the Bible story of Christmas.

  • Myth-making and abortion

    Myth-making and abortion

    The more something is repeated, the more it comes to be regarded as fact. Social media is one of the best ways of manufacturing myths and repeating them.

  • Serving from a wheelchair

    Serving from a wheelchair

    For most of my teenage years, I felt like I wasn't serving in my local church. I even thought that I couldn't serve in any of the ministry team. I didn't know what skills I had that could be used in a ministry team.

  • Embracing the other

    Embracing the other

    I was privileged to attend a fantastic primary school growing up as a child. There were a lot of things that I loved about this school, but none more so than our kapa haka group.

  • God, the genocidal sky dictator? 

    God, the genocidal sky dictator? 

    God doesn't exist because the bible is full of atrocities ordered and comitted by God. Or your God is described as perfect but He does evil things in the bible, therefore the God of the bible is a fraud and probably doesn't exist.

  • A tea in time

    A tea in time

    I usually drink a cup of green tea every night.  It is a cup of pure green tea because there's no caffeine in it to enable me to sleep. Not that I can’t sleep but it relaxes me. Unfortunately, I have this distaste of chamomile, so I have found pure green tea as my alternative.

  • Choosing you

    Choosing you

    Growing up in a Christian home, I’ve learnt many fundamental truths. I've learnt that I am made in God’s image. I’ve learnt that I have been given free will. Lastly, I've learnt that I, as a woman, am one of father Abraham’s many sons.

  • Forgive others… but what is forgiveness?

    Forgive others… but what is forgiveness?

    Having the mindset of forgiving others is not easy as it goes against most natural instincts. With this said, even the mere concept of forgiveness terrifies me.

  • Journey with the Unforgivable Sin

    Journey with the Unforgivable Sin

    In late 2015, I received a call that changed my life. It was from my mother, her voice barely audible. She was sobbing on the other end of the line. “Your grandfather,” she finally said. He had died hours before, but we didn’t know it as we lived in Wellington, twelve hours away from their side of the world. 

  • Contentment with Singleness

    Contentment with Singleness

    What does it mean to be single as a relationship status?The world urges us to find a soulmate, get married someday, ...

  • Stepping past Jesus

    Stepping past Jesus

    As the sun’s rays are beaming down on us, we can feel the warmth of the day. The path is lined with flowers of every species and colour. As we gaze to our left and right, we see reminders of the life Jesus lived.

  • Seasoned with salt

    Seasoned with salt

    “Let your speech be always filled with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how to answer each one (Colossians chapter 4, verse 6)”.

  • The mission that is set in time

    The mission that is set in time

    As I write this article, my mission trip in Thailand is coming to an end. A group of five people from my local church came to Thailand. What an amazing time it has been.

  • How do you fill your cup?

    How do you fill your cup?

    Emptying and filling up.