When you hate your name

When you hate your name

Do you like your name? Growing up, I had my fair share of teasing when it came to my name (and also nickname). Even with the most beautiful and well-meaning name, someone will be able to annoy you with it. Ahh.. the joys of growing up!

  • We walk with anger

    We walk with anger

    It is 7pm on a weekday night when I drive to the local shopping complex to get a few groceries. The parking slot I find looks directly into an Asian supermarket and, as I lock my car and step up onto the sidewalk, I pause at the entrance to debate whether or not I should go inside for a quick browse.

  • ARPA Gold Awards by the Judges – Part 3

    ARPA Gold Awards by the Judges – Part 3

    The Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA) at their annual conference releases the judges awards and comments in the professional booklet. This year in Christchurch last month was no different.

  • Holidays


    How might we reflect "carefully" on how we intend to spend our 'holidays' this year. I understand that readers from different cultures use words such as 'holiday', 'vacation' and 'recreation leave' in various ways.

  • Lessons from a blown tyre and a gym towel

    Lessons from a blown tyre and a gym towel

    Do you ever question God’s timing?

  • Is goodness inborn?

    Is goodness inborn?

    During the recent ARPA conference, in Christchurch, I was very encouraged by the heart-warming stories of how the people of this beleaguered city responded positively to a series of tragedies.

  • Hanging


    The moment in life when you have started something but have not yet reached your destination - hanging. Or a time when you feel you are getting nowhere - hanging. Or the place between receiving a promise and seeing the fulfillment of it - hanging, Hanging, HANGING!

  • Your Story Counts

    Your Story Counts

    I was recently asked to provide a short article about the story of my life. Initially I thought that would be easy enough, until I sat down and started writing it and discovered it’s not as easy to be succinct as I thought.

  • Unmarried but not alone: two wise single men

    Unmarried but not alone: two wise single men

    Being single is great. There is a big difference between being alone and being lonely. A recent social research found that single individuals are more frequently stay in touch with, provide help to, and receive help from, parents, siblings, neighbours, and friends than the married (link). Not only can they have broader social networks, singles can stay healthier and spend more time in solitude.

  • Let Youth Take the Lead

    Let Youth Take the Lead

    I’m embarrassed and ashamed at the failure of leadership and vision coming from some of the world’s ‘adults’ when measured against that of those many years younger.

  • Hope when everything changes yet nothing changes

    Hope when everything changes yet nothing changes

    In the last few months, I have read two books discussing the social history of Australia over the last 50 years or so. Two things surprised me, how much has changed, and how little has changed.

  • ‘In the way they should go…’

    ‘In the way they should go…’

    I overheard the following exchange in the pre-school sandpit one morning, when I was substituting as a parent helper:

  • My Samoan identity

    My Samoan identity

    Where is the Samoan culture heading? Is it diminishing or thriving? Is it thriving if the language of the culture is endorsed by one school system, but abandoned by another? The very school system that has neglected the language is in the land of its origin.

  • The Mission of God Part 2 – Being Sent by Jesus

    The Mission of God Part 2 – Being Sent by Jesus

    Don’t you like to travel to new places and visit familiar places?

  • Truth, transparency and troubles

    Truth, transparency and troubles

    It used to always baffle me when flying overseas, watching the safety video and hearing them say ‘please help yourself before helping others’. The thought of me putting my oxygen mask on first while I watch another struggle seems bizarre.