Heart Treasure

Heart Treasure

In the story of Jacob and Esau in Genesis chapter 25, verses 27-34, we learn about where our treasure lies..

  • The first Nurse

    In my earliest memories, you were someone who cared for and fixed broken people. 

  • What’s your faith?

    The past several weeks I have moved from my suburban home in New Zealand to a cabin in the woods of Muskoka, Canada.

  • Sunrise Sundays

    As someone working in an industry requiring shift work, I have worked many weekends and night shifts over the last few years.

  • Grief we meet again.

    Two years ago, when I walked into The Pet Centre, I was grief stricken and struggling to process the emotions of life after returning home from an amazing season in South Africa and the struggles that came alongside life living in a Covid stricken world.

  • Jesus, Take the Wheel

    This article has no Scripture. Not because it does not matter (it does), but because this issue should be so straight forward, it needs no out of context Scripture.

  • Digital Transformation of the Church? Why COVID19 has been good for the church

    Over the years, the church has transformed in many ways, when we think back to the early church, we don’t necessarily see what we know of as church today. The thing about incremental change is that it allows people to adjust. Often the changes have been so subtle that one can barely notice.

  • A nobody nothing nowhere

    Relocating islands and coming to a new school has gotten me thinking a lot. As I had to readjust to a new city and a new workplace, I started reflecting on what I have done, what I am doing and what I will continue or stop doing.

  • Saluting a private

    Recently, a story has unfolded of the NZ Army’s writing competition for soldiers of the rank of private. After running it and selecting a winner, they then contradicted themselves like a decaffeinated sugar-free energy drink and depublished it from their website. 

  • When God steps into your routine

    I recently finished reading the biography of Elisabeth Elliot. Elisabeth, or Betty, as she was more fondly called was the wife of Jim Elliot. He is well known as one of five missionaries killed while trying to make contact with the Auca, a tribe from Ecuador. 

  • The lion and the porcupine

    My writing journey has recently begun and what an enriching journey it has been so far.

  • When two become one – checking out ‘marriage’

    Jesus said of marriage, “A man will leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife, and the two will be one flesh.”