Surviving Police Interrogation in Turkey

Surviving Police Interrogation in Turkey

Once I was visiting a Syrian refugee home in rural Turkey and a police van arrived on a “tip”. An angry Turkish man stormed into the house and shouted: “Why are you giving out Incil [Turkish New Testament] in my town? This is a Muslim country! The police are waiting for you outside. Goodbye.” .

  • Person of Faith: Dr Ken and Jocelyn Elliott

    God is love, and our mission to serve humanity and reach the lost is inspired by its passion. That statement is summed up by this couple. The story of doctors Ken and Jocelyn Elliott should inspire and challenge us all.

  • The humble hero: a WWII mission aviation legacy

    Meeting Trevor Strong is like meeting a long lost friend. His warmth and graciousness are the first things I notice as I shake hands with one of the men who, in the midst of the horrors of WWII, dreamed that aircraft could be used for a better purpose.

  • Life on board Logos Hope

    Can you imagine living with 400 people from over 50 countries in a big floating metal box, sailing around the world to bring knowledge, help and hope?

  • The pilot’s dream: A WWII mission aviation legacy

    The story of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is fairly well known in mission circles. Birthed in the final throes of WWII, what started out with a few young Christian pilots has now become an international organisation of nearly 1,500 staff.

  • Neo-colonisation: Africa and the land grab

    A couple of weeks ago I took a phone call from Christian World Service (CWS) Public Relations and Media Co-ordinator Greg Jackson. During our conversation Mr Jackson spoke about a 'land grab', something that I'd never heard of before but immediately wanted to know more about.

  • Sisters in Christ, partners in mission

    If recorded missionary history were a play, women begin the first act as small and insignificant characters. With the spotlight focused on strong male leads and heroic battles of faith, one could easily have assumed the only role for a woman to play is a 'bit part' in the big picture.

  • Irish club removes cross after receiving violent threats; IS suspected

    An athletic club in Ireland has decided to remove the cross emblem on their athletes' sportswear. The move was taken on account of violent threats received by what is suspected to be the Islamic State.

  • Chaplains tell prisoners 'no one is beyond the reach of God's mercy' in special message

    Prison Chaplains across Australia are delivering a special 'Message for Prisoners' from the Catholic Church about love and hope from the Australian Catholic Prisoners Pastoral Care Council.

  • Thousands come to Christ during Nick Vujicic's European tour

    Popular limbless evangelist, Nick Vujicic, who has inspired millions of people around the world with his positivity and faith, revealed that thousands have come to Christ during his recent European tour.