The Battle We Win

The Battle We Win

As I tend to preface, I wish to not speak for everyone - particularly on the topic of mental health..

  • Down the rabbit hole

    As Easter draws closer, many young children around the world are getting excited for the arrival of the Easter bunny. They are often being raised oblivious to the true meaning of Easter and of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

  • Is conflict in the church healthy?  

    The picture of a happy and unified church is one that sings of what the church should be. Often when looking from the outside, it may also be what people see.

  • Meet me in Galilee

    This was the place Jesus started his ministry. As he walked beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw fishermen casting their nets. Jesus called out to these men and gave them a new calling in life – to be fishers of men.

  • “All encompassing and loving”

    The greatest hug to wrap and encompass us in our life on earth truly is the love of God, no matter whether we are near or far, sinning or praising...

  • The Righteous God

    There are severalstories in the Bible of mistreatment as well.

  • Child, what world will you know?

    The year is 2022. As I write, the globe has been ransacked by a virus for over two years, Europe experienced the biggest land invasion not seen since your great grandparents’ generation, and the impact of technology feels like lukewarm water reaching boiling point.

  • It will certainly come

    Towards the middle of last year, we embarked on a journey to explore relocating to Christchurch. We bought a land and build down south and as the build began to develop and progress, we started looking into moving down as an option.

  • Stop and think

    I have never been one to post much personal stuff on social media. Sure, I’ve always used it to connect to others. It’s great for catching up on what’s going on in the lives of people that you know but never get to meet.

  • The courage of a donkey   

    One day I took courage from a Donkey.

  • I want it all. Now.

    Some songs just stick with you through life. When I was 19, British rock band, Queen, released a song call I Want It All. It reached number three on the singles charts of the United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland and New Zealand.

  • Putin – and Jesus

    I was having coffee with a good friend when she asked the question. “Would Putin ever be like the thief on the cross and be able to go to heaven?”