Road closures

Road closures

The rain in the past few weeks have brought lots of destruction. Drains clogged, roofs leaked, roads turned to streams and travels disrupted..

  • What do you do with pearls?

    Just imagine going to work one morning, and returning home the same day $100 million richer. What kind of job is that, you ask? Well, that’s the story of a Filipino fisherman who discovered an approximately two-foot-long pearl inside a giant clam. (

  • Facing Clucky

    I cowered in the corner of my playpen. On the other side, also cowering and staring straight back at me was Clucky, our bantam hen. We both stood there trembling, staring at each other, neither of us willing to move an inch.

  • Which Jesus do you believe in?

    In our world today, people seem to present a lot of different versions of Jesus.

  • Good disagreeing

    In June, the Methodist church in Britain voted to permit same-sex marriages. The vote to change the definition of marriage at the Methodist Conference passed 254 to 46. A freedom of conscience clause means those who oppose this change will not be forced to conduct same-sex weddings if they do not wish to.

  • Anger unchained: Why we can’t afford to ignore it anymore

    Anger is a human emotion as basic as happiness and sadness, anxiety and excitement.

  • Two men – and the bottle

    Recently I heard such sad news. A man in his forties whom I knew a little, had been found dead. He had been homeless for a while, as he was no longer able to live with family. Although he’d been provided with accommodation, his lifestyle was such that he couldn’t carry on there.

  • Bloody good

    Most of you who are reading this will know that when asked what the greatest commandment is, Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.

  • God’s Peace in the COVID World

    What is peace?

  • Spare the rod

    Discipline. Most of us experienced some form of discipline growing up. We were given boundaries and told no and occasionally punished if we did wrong. But since God is our loving father, what does His discipline look like? How does it fit in with His plan for us?

  • Saluting a private

    Recently, a story has unfolded of the NZ Army’s writing competition for soldiers of the rank of private. After running it and selecting a winner, they then contradicted themselves like a decaffeinated sugar-free energy drink and depublished it from their website. 

  • Just, be.

    Hey, have you ever thought about, just being you? And that just being you is enough? That it’s not something that we have to tell ourselves but something that we are told to do.