Outsiders and Insiders of God’s Chosen People

Outsiders and Insiders of God’s Chosen People

According to Mental Health Foundation, New Zealand has the highest youth suicidal rates in the world..

  • Building a bridge

    “Pablito the Bible was meant to be a bridge not a wedge.” This quote from the Alex Sanchez book “the God box” reminds us of what God truly intended His Word to be a tool for.

  • Young adult – yeah nah

    Young adult – a term used for a collective group of individuals categorised by the responsibility they wield unmatched by a lack of maturity and societal expectation.

  • Finding God’s will… by having a barbeque!

    As a Pastor, I can recall numerous times sitting across from earnest youth and young adults who are pouring their hearts out to me. And time after time, I get hit with the statement (or something like it), “I just want to do God’s will for my life…but I don’t know what it is”

  • Why we should be more like Olympians

    The Olympics has understandably been a hot topic of conversation as of late, but it’s caused me some realisations and in a conversation with a colleague I quickly realised there is so much to learn from our Olympians.

  • I am not so hospitable

    The word “hospitable” is defined as: receiving or treating guests or strangers warmly and generously; characterized by or betokening warmth and generosity toward guests or strangers.

  • Following my owner

    I was walking along a popular beach during midday. Some people were by themselves like me, and others with a friend or with their dog. I kept observing the interactions between the dog and its owner.

  • Church shouldn’t be a safe place for your problems

    It is coming up to two years now since I was officially diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Since then I feel that my thinking has largely been caught up in figuring out the best ways to live and maintain a good level of wellbeing.

  • A race is a race

    Christianity is the only religion that exclaims “grace” – when all other religions have humans striving with all that they have in order to reach the throne of god, our God comes down Himself.

  • Deficient Evangelism

    God loves us. We humans commit evil. As a result of committing evil, we are going to hell when we die. We go to hell because that’s what we deserve for doing wrong.

  • Train harder – don’t try harder.

    I’m sure I am not the only person who looks at the sleek performances of Olympic athletes and thinks that these professionals make complex and demanding sports look effortless and, almost, achievable for an amateur like me.

  • #hustle

    I don’t know about you, but the world just seems busy. I find when I ask people the question, “how are you doing?”, 90% of the time the answer is: “busy”.