• Lockdowns, horsemen and long-awaited pudding

  • Have we disguised the saboteur of blessing?

    The saboteur of blessing is not always clothed in black with horns coming out his head, nor is it the person who got in the way of your promotion, nor is it the person that you last argued with. Often we have in our own ways disguised the true saboteur of blessing.

  • God, the Story Writer

    Guess what the most famous Bible story is which doesn't include Jesus? Well, it's David and Goliath (1 Samuel chapters 16-17)!

  • Finding God in unexpected places

    It never ceases to amaze me how God can reveal himself in the most unexpected places and situations. How he can come to you through the most unexpected person and how he continues to show up when you least expect it.

  • I’m no Expert But…

    I’m not expert but… “this is why I think you’re wrong and I have an opinion that proves you’re wrong without a ...

  • Crazy Conspiracy Christians are giving me a headache

    Just this past month, Brian Tamaki, a leader of the Apostolic churches known as Destiny Church, organised something called a freedom march. Basically, he and other Christian leaders, notably Peter Mortlock from City Impact Church, led a giant gathering of over a thousand people in the inner-city for a rally.

  • Wasted Sunday services

    The Covid-19 crisis put many of us in difficult situations when it comes to Sunday worship. Those of us who are in a lock-down have no choice but only to watch either a pre-recorded clip or a livestream of the Sunday services.

  • Make your words count

    Sometimes we may not intentionally think about the words we say aloud and the ones we mentally tell ourselves. The hurting words we wish never left our mouths and the encouragement we desperately desire.

  • Falling behind as a Christian

    Am I doing enough as a Christian and why won’t God use me now? These two questions have plagued the lives of Christians including myself on a daily basis.

  • The walking in between

    “We keep this love in a photograph, We made these memories for ourselves, Where our eyes are never closing Hearts are ...

  • Cherry Blossoms, Decay, and Jesus

    It’s currently Spring which is my favourite season – finally after a long, grey, cold winter the sun is shining ...