That which will last

That which will last

Tiny. That is what it felt like walking among redwood trees. I was mesmerized and somewhat overwhelmed by these giants. I never imagined that I would feel dwarfed by trees!.

  • COVID Courage

    We all love a rousing Bible Scripture to tweet or post to our social media accounts. They become motivational memes and niceties that help us navigate long winters and bad days.

  • The multigenerational blame game

    Resilience is something I write about a lot.

  • Disciples in Lockdown

    Knock, knock. Who’s there? I know it’s not Thomas. He’s the most paranoid of us all. Adamant we stay in lockdown until it’s safe again. Until everything dies down (if you’ll excuse the pun). Until everyone forgets about Jesus, and our lives can get back to normal.

  • Marriage and long-term relationships

    The Facebook post caught my eye. It was focused on pointers on how to make long term relationships work and had insights from couples who had been through tough times.

  • Lest We Forget

    On April 25 1915, 16,000 Australian and New Zealand Army Corps troops established a beachhead in a small cove on the Gallipoli Peninsula, at the Western edge of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

  • When God closes a door

    Lots of us have had the frustrating experience of praying for something and not getting what we prayed for. Whether it be a job opportunity, a healing or simply just something that we really want.

  • Forgive, but that’s not all…

    Should we forgive each other?

  • God’s Love in the COVID World

    As we all know, love is a strong emotional feeling.

  • Choosing Kindness, Choosing Character

    Over the last little while, our world has seen many things come its way, from a global pandemic to the recent death of George Floyd and the on flow of political protests.

  • Mark 5 Visited

    Many of you know the story in Mark chapter 5 of healing by faith. I have heard about it briefly before and once gave it a read over, but only recently have I visited it with further exploration and intention to learn.

  • Cancel culture

    In a time when people are more upset over Dr. Seuss books being discontinued than they are about gun control, we need to have a serious talk about cancel culture.