The season I find myself in as I write this article in the eleventh hour is a season of overwhelm. It’s not one I would normally admit to, but as I sit in this space it’s the only word I can use to adequately describe how I’m feeling without using a hundred feeling descriptions..

  • Groups are overrated

    As people are created from relationships and for relationships, it only makes sense for us to want to live with other people.

  • Should pronouns be capitalised when referencing God?

    I may have to ruffle some feathers with this one.I believe that we are all allowed to choose one thing about which we ...

  • Finding Rest

    I remember writing this as a Facebook status once – “If you need more than 24 hours a day, then you are doing too much! Take time to rest”.

  • Mothers – love them or hate them?

    I have a “World’s Best Mother” ornament sitting on my study shelf.

  • Stop, look and listen

    One of the catchphrase in my current classroom that has resonated with me this season has been ‘Stop, look and listen’.

  • Loving despite the distance

    This past month has been an enlightening one for me. Coming off the back of Easter, I was notified one of my closest friends had come down with COVID. In the desire to care for my friend, I reached out.

  • Relationship Killing 101

    Life is better without resentment, so nobody seeks it out. It just builds up, like mould. Suddenly you’ve got these big stains in your friendships, or in your family, and they don’t seem to come out. That sucks.

  • Compassion 101

    Unexpectedly, I learnt a bit more about the character of Jesus on two recent occasions at university. To clarify, I’m not at a bible college or studying theology.

  • Jesus, Bunnies, and the Joy of Easter

    I love celebrating things! I love celebrating events and people and just life in general! I particularly love celebrating things using a theme that fits the occasion!

  • Prepare to Proclaim

    Opportunities can slip out of our hands in an instant but they can also be thrust upon us out of nowhere. The question is are you ready to let them go whilst simultaneously being prepared to catch them?

  • A legacy of faith

    Memories are peculiar things, deeply personal cognitive enactments of reality, emotion, with a hint of imagination. Our minds may truly remember snapshots of situations, perhaps the feelings or sense. I like to think that I have a good memory, particularly when it comes to people and important moments.