Hope in a hopelessness situation

Hope in a hopelessness situation

I never would have imagined that this is what my life in February 2021 would have been. I am a young, engaged Kiwi, sitting in the middle of a snow-covered Ohio, unsure as to whether I will be able to get married in May, or when I will be able to hug my mother again..

  • A story of God’s precise and perfect provision

    God’s provision can come in unexpected ways. I have been in situations where I have experienced God’s favour and abundance, and I have been in situations where I have experienced lack.

  • Out of the box

    With every significant event that takes place in the world, the church has changed.

  • Before a beginning

    Lots of fairy-tale stories begin with ‘Once upon a time' and conclude with 'The end.' This ending often comes after the much loved famous phrase even young children can quote together - 'and they lived happily ever after.' These ending emits love, positivity and hope. To sum it up, all things good and all things longed for.

  • Find what you’re looking for

    Previously called Missing Pieces, Lost and Found and now David Lomas Investigates, this New Zealand produced documentary series not only helps people find missing relatives across the globe

  • On missions: Why the price is too high and the accountability is too low

    “It is painful to see missionaries leave {the field} due to preventable causes. The rate of attrition and burnout for missionaries is alarming and needs to be addressed thoughtfully.”

  • Thank God for wheelie bin robots

    While walking to work, my eyes were opened to the glory of wheelie bins.

  • We are losing the ability to trust each other

    “It pays to wear a wedding ring, even if you’re not married,” opined the newspaper columnist I read yesterday. She was writing about her experiences as a solo mother when trying to find a rental property to live in.

  • What about the Spanish Inquisition?

    The last twelve months has in many ways been defined by the rising tide of 'religious' violence across the globe, and in particular the violence perpetrated by those who claim Islam as their religion.

  • Jesus loves the little children

    “Jesus loves the little children, all children of the world.” This well known children’s song dates back to 1862 and reminds us from an early age how much God truly cares for the little ones on earth.

  • God’s hope in the COVID world

    According to Google, it is “a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen” and according to the Cambridge dictionary, it is “to want something to happen or to be true, and usually have a good reason to think that it might.”

  • Undeserved

    What do you do when you’re given something you didn’t earn?