Pornography – a public health crisis?

Pornography – a public health crisis?

A host of publicity and discussion has recently unfolded in New Zealand following the presentation to the government of a petition signed by 22,334 people asking for an expert panel of health, science and psychology experts and counsellors to undertake an inquiry into the societal harm of pornography and propose solutions.

  • What if we can't make choices?

    What if we can't make choices?

    When I was a student and studying education I struggled with the Bell curve. That curve puts most of the population with an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) of 100 in the middle (or at the top of the bell); and the higher the IQ the fewer people there were with that IQ, so the curve sloped down to the right.

  • Hey God, can I get a like?

    Hey God, can I get a like?

    I'm what you'd call a reluctant Facebook adoptee. I initially only took the plunge because I needed to use Facebook for work.

  • Angels in mufti

    Angels in mufti

    "No one really has a bad life. Not even a bad day. Just bad moments." (Regina Brett).

  • Mind over matter?

    Mind over matter?

    The first three years of our lives have been called 'the incredible years'. That's because of the tremendous rate of development of our brains and when our fundamental neural pathways are formed. Most of that development we can't remember and we had little influence over how it all happened.